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Health Consultant and Provider Trainings

Healthy Child Care Colorado is an initiative led by Qualistar Colorado that promotes the health, wellness and safety of children in child care settings. Healthy Child Care Colorado travels the state to train, support and educate; child care health consultants, child care providers and parents on medication administration, healthy living and obesity prevention, oral health, injury prevention, social emotional health and more.




FREE Child Care Health Consultant and Provider Webinars

Disclaimer: webinar recordings are for informational purposes only and viewers are not eligible to receive a training certificate for on-going professional development hours for viewing a previously recorded webinar.

How Safe is Your Infant’s Sleep Environment?

Support materials for the safe sleep webinar: ALTERNATIVE SLEEP POSITION WAIVER, Colorado Child Care Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep Model Policy, Sleep Chart, Safe Sleep PowerPoint presentation download.

Q&A Webinar with the Office of Early Learning

Sanitizers and Disinfectants in Child Care Facilities Webinar Recording

Obesity Prevention Webinar Recording

Child Abuse 101 Webinar Recording

Immunization Exemption Workshops


Do you need trainings in one of our focus areas?

Contact Heather Frenz to learn more about our current offerings or to schedule a training for your program today!

Healthy Eating, Active Play 
Infact Feeding
Oral Health
Shaken Baby Syndrome
How sick is too sick for child care?
How to choose and use your Child Care Health Consultant. 
Health advocacy and policy 101
Medication Administration
Social emotional well being
Injury prevention
Infant safe sleep