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Colorado's Safe Sleep Rules


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Cost: $20
Contact: info@qualistar.org

Colorado has recently updated its safe sleep rules and all professionals who care children younger than 12 months old are required to complete an approved training by December 31, 2015.

Participate in this invite-only Train the Trainer session and become certified to provide a CDHS-approved safe sleep training. Receive the documentation, PowerPoint and materials you need to provide this training to child care professionals.

Due to high demand, Qualistar Colorado is offering this train the trainer opportunity again. The previous opportunity was funded through a grant, which is no longer available, so we are charging a small fee to cover costs. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lunch as food will not be provided.
Healthy Child Care Colorado is an initiative led by Qualistar Colorado that promotes the health, wellness and safety of children in child care settings. Healthy Child Care Colorado travels the state to train, support and educate; child care health consultants, child care providers and parents on medication administrationhealthy living and obesity preventionoral healthinjury preventionsocial emotional health and more.

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Disclaimer: Webinar recordings are for informational purposes only and viewers are not eligible to receive a training certificate for on-going professional development hours for viewing a previously recorded webinar.

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