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Acronyms and Terms


AEYC Association for the Education of Young Children
CAEYC Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children
CAFCC Colorado Association of Family Child Care
CCCAP Colorado Child Care Assistance Program
CCHC Child Care Health Consultant
CCR&R Child Care Resource and Referral
CDA Child Development Associate
CDE Colorado Department of Education
CDHS Colorado Department of Human Services
CPP Colorado Preschool Program
DCC Division of Child Care
DHS Department of Human Services
DPP Denver Preschool Program
DSS Department of Social Services
ECEAC Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado
ELR Early Learning Report
FCC Family Child Care
FCCH Family Child Care Home
HCCC Healthy Child Care Colorado
NAA National Afterschool Alliance
NAEYC National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAFCC National Association for Family Child Care
NCCA National Child Care Association
NECPA National Early Childhood Program Accreditation
PD Professional Development
QI Quality Improvement
QRIS Quality Rating and Improvement System
QRS Quality Rating System
R&R Resource and Referral
SACC  School Age Child Care
USDA United States Department of Agriculture