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Child Care Costs Can Eat Up 25 Percent of Household Income

Posted on January 18, 2012 in Parent Resources

Many new parents are shocked by how much child care costs. Often, the cost of child care can consume 25 percent or more of a household’s income.

Child care costs in Colorado are among the highest in the nation with an average cost of $12,400 per year. That ranks Colorado #4 in the nation after Massachusetts, New York and Hawaii. Gladys Wilson, President & CEO of Qualistar Colorado, was recently quoted in a CNN Money article about the five most expensive states for child care.

As we report in the Signature Report, in state college tuition at a public four year institution in Colorado costs considerably less than licensed child care. Infant and toddler care is also more expensive on average than preschool tuition.

For more information on child care costs and Colorado's child care system overall,  please download our recently-released Signature Report.

Average Cost of Child Care In Colorado