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Social Emotional Health

Childrens Social Emotional HealthBeing socially and emotionally healthy is important for all children. Ensuring access to evidence-based, inclusive early childhood social/emotional practices for caregivers and teachers in all early care is a priority area for Healthy Child Care Colorado.


Children's Social Emotional Health Facts

  • Preschool children are three times more likely to be “expelled” than children in grades K-12 (Gilliam, 2005).
  • There are evidence-based practices that are effective in changing this developmental trajectory…the problem is not what to do, but rests in ensuring access to intervention and support (Kazdin & Whitley, 2006).

Source: Prevalence Data offered by Pyramid Plus


The Pyramid Plus Center
Works to improve the social and emotional competence and inclusion of young children through use of the Pyramid Plus Approach: embedded inclusion practices within the Pyramid Model framework and along the developmental continuum (birth to age 5). This approach builds on the work of the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL), the Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Interventions (TACSEI), and the SpecialQuest Approach and materials. The goal of the Pyramid Plus Center is to increase the use of these evidence-based, early childhood social emotional and inclusive practices in child care settings, including by family child care and in-home providers.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)
Provides Practical Strategies for Teachers/Caregivers on its website. The evidence-based resources and information located on this page are free and downloadable to teachers, caregivers and parents. They include scripted stories for social situations, tools for building relationships, a social emotional book list for children birth to age 5 and specific Book Nook activities for select titles, resources for the intentional teaching of social emotional skills, and tools for developing behavior support plans.

Creating Teaching Tools for Young Children with Challenging Behavior
Is a free product developed by the Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children (TACSEI) and is located on the TACSEI website. This product gives teachers practical strategies, developed from TACSEI’s research activities and experiences in Positive Behavior Support, to create a plan to support young children having challenging behavior. The Teaching Tools provide easily accessible ideas and materials such as handouts, worksheets, techniques, strategies, and visuals to support children in the classroom and other learning environments. They also include ideas on effective intervention approaches for children who do not need a functional assessment to determine the function of the child’s problem behavior or a team-based process to address persistent challenging behavior. These materials were designed for reproduction and may be duplicated for educational purposes.

The SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library
Supports the inclusion of young children with disabilities birth to age 5 and their families in child care settings. The SpecialQuest materials and approach have been used with over 5,000 participants nationwide, refined over a period of 10years, and have been shown to create and sustain change. Materials on this website are provided at no cost with funding from the Office of Head Start.