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CLASS® Classroom interactions Assessment

Image of teacher talking with a young boy

A reliable assessment of teacher-child interactions brought to you by Qualistar and Clayton Early Learning.

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System, known as CLASS®, is a valid and reliable observation tool designed to focus on teacher-child interactions, which have been linked to improved child outcomes. By focusing on interactions, the CLASS® assessment provides evidence to assist teachers in understanding and improving their practices to more effectively create a classroom environment conducive to learning.

Developed by researchers and validated in thousands of classrooms, the CLASS® assessment is used in teacher professional development, program monitoring, and research and evaluation initiatives across the country. 

CLASS® Benefits

  • Successful CLASS® assessments can add up to 10 points in your Colorado Shines rating — the difference between Levels 2 and 3, and Levels 3 and 4.
  • CLASS® assessments are conducted in English and Spanish-language classrooms. Our team of assessors is fluent in both languages.
  • Qualistar and Clayton are the only organizations that hold its CLASS assessors to strict reliability standards. We use best practices for other assessment tools to prevent drift and check scoring. 

Why Qualistar and Clayton?

Qualistar Colorado and Clayton Early Learning have partnered to bring the CLASS®  Assessment to early care and education classrooms across the state. Our cadre of experienced, trained assessors are held to the highest reliability standards. Our CLASS® trained team of assessors:

  • Are certified annually online with Teachstone, the creator of CLASS®, and undergo calibration with Teachstone twice a year.
  • Are trained and experienced in other observational tools, expanding the depth of their overall knowledge.
  • Have a statewide presence to facilitate ease of scheduling and managing observations.
  • Use a methodical, consistent reporting system to share detailed, individualized classroom-level results with site teaching and administrative teams.
  • Conduct near daily observations across diverse settings and instructional languages.
  • Undergo strict reliability maintenance (drift prevention and scoring check every 10th observation with another assessor). This high standard and process is unique to our team. 

Quality Improvement Roadmap

Our work doesn’t end when we leave the classroom. After each CLASS® assessment, our team scores each classroom and creates an individualized quality improvement roadmap. The roadmap includes classroom-specific examples and recommendations, giving administrators and teachers a clear direction to make strategic decisions that improve the quality of care and education they provide.

Research has shown that to take advantage of the CLASS® assessment’s full potential, early care and education programs should complement their results with professional development. The quality improvement roadmap is the starting point to create a strategic professional development plan that is directly connected with classroom interactions.


CLASS® assessments are available for infant, toddler and preschool classrooms.

  • The CLASS® Infant assessment and feedback is divided into four dimensions: Relational Climate, Teacher Sensitivity, Facilitated Exploration and Early Language Support
  • The CLASS® Toddler assessment and feedback is divided into two dimensions: Engaged Support for Learning, and Emotional and Behavioral Support.
  • The CLASS® Pre-K assessment and feedback is divided into three dimensions: Emotional Support, Classroom Organization and Instructional Support

Are you interested in a CLASS® assessment?

Prices vary depending on a number of factors, but we keep costs low in order to make CLASS® assessments affordable. 

If you are looking for financial support to help pay for your CLASS® assessment visit our Funding Options page.