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Welcome to Qualistar Colorado Coaches’ Page. Here, we hope to support the coaches across the state in your work with early childhood providers. It takes a “village” to raise a child, and we appreciate being a part of the Colorado “village”. We will be adding additional tools for your use and hope that you find them helpful. Please let us know of any other type of support you may need.



Spotlight Resource


The American Academy of Pediatrics released an article titled Societal Values and Policies May Curtail Preschool Children's Physical Activity in Child Care Centers

The results of the study "identified 3 main barriers to children’s physical activity in child care: (1) injury concerns, (2) financial, and (3) a focus on “academics.” Stricter licensing codes intended to reduce children's injuries on playgrounds rendered playgrounds less physically challenging and interesting. In addition, some parents concerned about potential injury, requested staff to restrict playground participation for their children. Small operating margins of most child care centers limited their ability to install abundant playground equipment. Child care providers felt pressure from state mandates and parents to focus on academics at the expense of gross motor play. Because children spend long hours in care and many lack a safe place to play near their home, these barriers may limit children's only opportunity to engage in physical activity."

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