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Child Care Health Consultant Competencies

Healthy Child Care Colorado, a program of Qualistar Colorado, is proud to announce Colorado’s new competencies for child care health consultants.  Healthy Child Care Colorado partnered with statewide early childhood experts to develop these competencies.   Every licensed child care provider in the state must meet with a child care health consultant once a month. The competencies will help improve your consulting skills or help providers choose and work with their health consultant. The competencies were created to standardize the health consultant role and help identify the necessary skills in a health consultant.  

Resources for Health Consultants

Instructions to access the HCCC Online Training:

Nurse Practice Act

Chapter XIII:  Rules and Regulations Regarding the Delegation of Nursing Tasks

Medical Practice Act:

Rule 800:  Rules Regarding the Delegation and Supervision of Medical Services to Unlicensed Health Care Providers

Child Care Rules and Regulations:

Program Chart

Medication Administration Trainer Application:

Instructions for accessing the Medication Administration Curriculum on the Qualistar website.