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Qualistar Early Care and Education Research

By understanding the challenges families and providers face, we can identify the policy solutions that make quality, affordable early care and education available to more children. Our research quantifies the cost and availability of child care as well as the challenges of creating a fairly compensated and well-trained workforce.

Leading Colorado's Early Care and Education Workforce

Leading Colorado's Early Care and Education Workforce

The report, published in partnership with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, reveals that leaders and teachers in the early care and education field are not fairly compensated for the critical role they have in children’s lives and within local and state economies.

The survey, which was completed by 471 early care and education professionals in Colorado who self-identified as a leader of a child care center or public school, highlights the dedication and experience of the state’s workforce while also highlighting key challenges in creating stability within the workforce.

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2014 Signature Report

The 2014 Signature Report highlights some of the most critical issues facing the early childhood education industry in Colorado, including the cost and availability of child care in the state and licensed capacity compared to Colorado’s child population.

This year's report explores the availability and affordability of licensed child care in Colorado which varies significantly across the state. The report and data also complement the Cost of Care Project and Reports that have been published and released through a partnership with The Women's Foundation of Colorado and the Colorado Children's Campaign.

Child Care Affordability

In 2013, with the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Colorado Children’s Campaign, Qualistar released “Child Care Affordability in Colorado: An investigation into child care costs and recommended strategies for improving affordability.” The report investigated and addressed the barriers to affordable child care. 

2013 Signature Report

The 2013 Signature Report compares Colorado’s preschool program to national quality benchmarks and to Colorado’s child care licensing standards. Preschool programs are in the political spotlight due to President Obama’s proposal for a new early education initiative. Within this context, the Signature Report explores how preschool education is provided at the federal, state and local levels by a variety of programs and with support from a range of funding streams.


2012 Signature Report

The 2012 Signature Report provides updated figures regarding the supply, demand and cost of child care, and highlights important facts and trends about the availability of licensed child care in our state. The report also explores the costs and complexities of operating a child care business and provides a snapshot of what is currently known about the quality of care.


2011 Signature Report

The inaugural Signature Report focuses on what we view to be the most pressing issues that impede our state’s ability to build and maintain an accessible, affordable system of highquality care for Colorado’s children. The report examines trends and gaps in child care supply and demand, in regulations and expectations, and in budgeting and financing.

Qualistar Rating RAND Evaluation

The RAND Evaluation of the Qualistar Rating is the first comprehensive study of the validity of the quality rating system as a tool for improving child care quality. Qualistar used these findings to improve the Qualistar Rating.