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How Sick is too Sick for Child Care

One of the most commonly asked questions in child care is: When is a child too sick to attend?

Most mildly ill children can safely attend group programs if they have been properly treated and if they feel well enough to attend.

When should a child be excluded:

  • The child does not feel well enough to participate
  • Staff cannot care for the  child without interfering with the care of other children
  • The child has any of the following:
    • Fever with behavior changes or signs of other illness
    • Signs and symptoms of serious illness
    • Symptoms or conditions listed that require exclusion

Help avoid illness in the first place by:

  • Following hand washing, cleaning & ventilation guidelines
  • Completing regular health consultation visits
  • Keeping Immunizations up to date
  • Developing  health policies
  • Looking for signs of infectious disease: daily health check
  • Sharing information with families: health log and symptom log
  • Inform parents of contagious illnesses

Healthy Child Care Colorado offers a training for Child Care Health Consultants and Child Care Providers on How Sick is too Sick for Child Care, to learn more email today!