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Program Administration Scale (PAS)

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Understand the leadership and management practices that make early care and education programs successful.

The Program Administration Scale, also known as the PAS assessment, provides information to early care and education directors about the quality of their administrative practices. Following the assessment, each program’s PAS report can be used as a springboard to improve daily operations, maximize capacity and revenue, retain and reward talented staff, and plan for future growth.

The PAS assessment measures human resources development, personnel cost and allocation, center operations, child assessment, fiscal management, program planning and evaluation, family partnerships, marketing and public relations, and technology.

A PAS assessment also prepares early care and education programs to optimize their Colorado Shines rating by potentionally increasing points awarded in the Leadership, Management and Administration category.

"Having a strong business foundation and sound program leadership are crucial to program quality for early care and education programs. This puts the program in a much better position to support children’s development and potential as successful learners." 
- Tim E. Garcia, Early Head Start Director, Early Learning Ventures

Why Are Business Administration Skills Important?

Research shows that program directors often are highly trained in child development and education pedagogy but tend to lack formal business administration training. These leaders are confronted every day with the unique challenges of the early care and education field:  high teacher turnover, extended hours of operation, limited cash flow and high overhead costs, just to name a few.  Most families cannot pay higher tuition rates, so leaders must plan ahead and get creative when making decisions about facilities improvements, teacher pay raises and benefits, and purchasing high-quality learning materials.

With a sound understanding of current business practices and areas where more development is needed, directors can create a strategic framework to operate more efficiently. The PAS assessment also provides a guide to continued professional development, so program leaders can easily identify areas in which they can grow. This frees up more time for directors to support their teaching staff, establish family partnerships, seek out alternative funding sources and sharpen their existing management and leadership skills.


A PAS assessment costs $400-$450 depending on the number of classrooms in each program. Travel costs and schedule restrictions may increase the price. Please email for details.

Financial support may be available to help pay for your PAS assessment visit our Funding Options page.

Training and Support for Programs

There are several training and support programs available for providers from the McCormick Center

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