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Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

As one of the first organizations in the nation to recognize the need for high-quality early care and education, Qualistar adheres to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of our trainings. Each training offers hands-on, engaging activities and content, which participants can implement immediately in their programs.

Guided by the Colorado Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators and the Early Learning Development Guidelines, we create and offer trainings that prepare professionals to provide exceptional learning opportunities to children. Our trainings are also designed to meet the approved training requirements of the State of Colorado’s professional development information system, known as PDIS.

Using an “Explore, Practice, Plan” model, Qualistar develops and offers many professional development opportunities that are tailored to adult learning styles.

What Is Explore, Practice, Plan?

  • Explore – Participants ground themselves in the current research and thinking as well as what they are currently doing in their classrooms to promote the concept.
  • Practice – Participants get hands-on experience going through educational activities and strategies for children.
  • Plan – Before the training concludes, participants develop a strategy to implement what they’ve learned into their lessons and educational activities.

Explore, Practice, Plan is an effective approach to adult learning, because it engages participants throughout the training and provides an individualized opportunity to plan ahead for the next day’s lesson. This approach helps to ensure that participants retain and utilize what they’ve learned.

A Few of Qualistar’s In-Person Training Offerings:

Teaching Practices

STEAM Symposium: Qualistar’s STEAM Symposium offers multiple trainings throughout the year focused on integrating science, technology, engineering, art and math concepts into the early care and education teaching practice. We partner with nationally recognized museums and cultural organizations to provide hands-on training in full-day or multi-day workshops and professional learning communities. Learn more and find a training.

Program Planning and Development

Business Practices for Family Child Care Homes: Family child care homes have unique business needs, so Qualistar offers a business practice training to guide home providers in budgeting, marketing and other aspects of running a small business from their homes. This webinar training is offered in a suite of complementary assessment and professional development services to improve quality within family child care homes. Join our free Family Child Care Quality Certificate Program to participate in this training.

Health, Safety and Nutrition

Supporting Child Development: This training provides an overview of how children’s brains develop and what factors can influence healthy and age-appropriate development. You will also receive information that you can share with families in your program. Participants will: 

  • Explore how early experiences can influence children’s learning, behavior and development
  • Learn how you can support healthy development of the young children in your program
  • Be prepared to share this important information with families so that they can support and understand their child’s health development

Email to schedule a training.

Safe Sleep For Infants: All early care and education professionals in Colorado who care for infants must complete a state-approved safe sleep training. Qualistar’s approved safe sleep training ensures participants understand safe sleep guidelines as well as the medical research that backs up these requirements. Learn more and find a training.

I am Moving, I am Learning: “I am Moving, I am Learning” is a proactive approach to promote physical activity in early care and education settings and to address childhood obesity in Colorado. Participants will:

  • Receive a curriculum binder and will understand how to integrate more physical activity into the day
  • Cultivate ideas that support the implementation of physical activity and nutrition
  • Learn strategies to integrate physical movement into your program’s daily routine

Learn more and find a training.

Cavity Free Kids: Cavity Free Kids is an oral health training that includes a rich collection of lessons, activities, stories, songs and other resources that actively engage young children in fun-filled, play-based learning and help parents and teachers practice good oral health habits. Learn more and find a training.

Nutrition: This training is led by a nutritionist and registered dietitian and it focuses on healthy eating habits and practices that support a child’s lifelong health. The training content can be customized if your program is interested in a particular aspect of healthy eating. Programs can host this training for professionals and families. Participants will:

  • Discover how proper nutrition can promote a child’s lifelong health
  • Know how to reduce the risk of a child or adult developing a chronic disease
  • Learn how to introduce new foods and build healthy eating habits
Email to schedule a Nutrition training.

Child Care Health Consultation: Our training for the medical professionals who advise child care centers explains the responsibilities and competencies of a child care health consultant. Participants receive the training and certification required for their jobs as well as resources they’ll need to support early care and education programs. Learn more and find a training.