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The Qualistar Rating™ Process

The Qualistar Rating™ process typically takes four months to complete. It starts with the program’s request to schedule a Rating and concludes with a consultation by the program’s assigned Quality Rating Specialist.

Step 1: Contact

The child care program contacts the Lead Quality Rating Specialist: Provider Support to schedule a Rating.

Step 2: Qualistar Rating Packet

The program receives instructions to access a set of online forms to collect information for their Rating. This includes a program’s Rating window timeframe. Forms include Family Partnerships questionnaires to be distributed to families, program and classroom information, training and education forms for each staff member, a self-assessment, and a program documentation checklist that identifies the information that will need to be collected to document a program’s Family Partnerships activities. During this time, the program also collects formal training certificates and transcripts for each staff member in preparation for Step 3. The online Qualistar forms can be submitted electronically through the internet, and are due at the end of the month in which they receive access to the forms. A Quality Rating Specialist is assigned to the program and contacts the program to review the forms. Programs also will receive log in information to give to parents. This will allow parents to access and complete the Family Partnerships questionnaires online.  Watch a series of informational videos, produced by Denver Public Schools Early Education, on how to successfully complete the Rating Packet process.    

Step 3: Observation Window

During this one-month window, a Quality Rating Specialist conducts ECERS-R©, ITERS-R© or FCCERS-R© observations and collects ratio and group size information. The Quality Rating Specialist will also gather documents pertaining to the Qualistar Rating™, including a release of information, a copy of a program’s child care license, transcripts or training information for each staff member, and Family Partnerships activity documentation. Contact the Quality Rating and Assessment Team if you have any questions.

Step 4: Calculation

From the Family Partnerships questionnaires, the program documentation of Family Partnerships activities, and the training and education documentation of staff, the ECERS-R©, ITERS-R©, or FCCERS-R© observations, and from the ratio and group size information, the Quality Rating Specialist calculates a program’s Qualistar Rating™. The Quality Rating Specialist writes a Quality Performance Profile© (QPP) detailing areas of strength and areas for quality improvement, as well as a quality improvement plan. Programs that have rated previously will receive an electronic copy of their QPP by email, while new programs will receive their QPP in the mail complete with a binder to store all the documentation.

Step 5: Consultation

The Quality Rating Specialist schedules and conducts a consultation with the program to review the Quality Performance Profile© (QPP). During this consultation, a program may choose to sign a consent to publish form, if they would like their Rating published.