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STEAM Quality Symposium


In its sixth year, the STEAM Quality Symposium is a highly successful model that provides comprehensive, hands-on training to early care and education teachers, directors and coaches. These full-day trainings include presentations by leaders in the field, followed by an afternoon facilitated by coaches that enable participants to test out new curriculum ideas. The Quality Symposium has helped nearly 500 early care and education professionals successfully implement STEAM curricula into preschool classrooms across the state.

Science Inquiry for Coaches and Directors with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Qualistar has partnered with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to provide this 2-part series training on science inquiry.

Each session will be three hours. You may attend one or both sessions. There is a discount for attending both sessions.

This series is for Quality Improvement Coaches and Directors of child care programs.

Session 1: Analyzing and Extending Student Science Questions

Why is the sky blue? How did the leopard get its spots? What is a solar eclipse? Young children are full of questions! The early childhood classroom is a perfect place to support this natural curiosity and engage students in the science inquiry process. The teacher’s response to these questions can help students connect concepts, think critically and explore ideas at a deeper level. This first workshop, one of two offered, has been designed to provide support to coaches and directors as they guide teachers in using questions to create authentic science inquiry experiences.

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
Location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm; Sign in and breakfast, 8:30am.
Cost: $40.00*

Session 2: Using Children’s Questions to Create Investigations

Scientists design investigation to answer their questions and test their ideas. These investigations can be as simple as focused observations or as extensive as full-blown experiments. Early childhood children ask lots of questions! Some questions lend themselves to systematic investigations, but many questions need to be reworded so that they can actually be tested.
This workshop is designed for coaches and directors to practice taking student “wonderings” and using these questions to support educators in creating investigations that are engaging and child-led.
Although we will be using content from the first session, and in-class observations by participants, to inform and construct the content of the second session, it will not be a requirement that you attend the first in order to participate in the second. Each training is valuable as a stand-alone, but we do recommend participation in both.

Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm; Sign in and breakfast, 8:30am.
Cost: $40.00*

*If you sign up for both sessions, the combined cost is $72 (a discount of 20%).


For more information, please email or call 303-339-6822.


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