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Tools for Coaches

A Coach's Binder

Here is a collection of resources to help in your work with Early Childhood professionals around the state of Colorado.  In this digital binder, you can find documents for your information such as a chart of Coaching Roles and Modes of Coaching: Consulting, Collaborating, and Cognitive Coaching that will serve as a reminder of what it is that providers need as far as professional support. There is also The ABC’s of Writing Goals which is a great tool created by the Clayton Institute to ensure that goals are thoughtful and intentional.

You can also find Helpful Hints for Your Learning Environment Observation that serves as an abbreviated summary of the ERS tools. For hints to help programs submit electronic family surveys, please refer to the Electronic Family Questionnare Tipsheet There is also a list of the Qualistar Colorado approved Translating Services for use with providers who have foreign transcripts.  And, of course, we included more helpful information on Substantial Portion of the Day (ECERS-R) and Much of the Day (ITERS-R and FCCERS-R).

Next, are documents FOR YOUR USE.  Here, you can find Helpful Links where we have gathered a short list of websites to support you in your work.  There is also a Suggested Format for Your Biography; this is a great tool to leave with a provider after meeting with them for the first time.  And finally, there are Preschool Meal Guides and Child Care Weather Watch, a Consultation and Observation chart for ECERS-R, ITERS-R and FCCERS-R.